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Management Philosophy

OXYGENDEVELOPMENT is a cosmetics-specialized OEM/ODM company. It seeks to reveal true beauty, making protection of beauty its mission and contributing to a happy life through its management philosophies.
  • 1.R&D pursuing a sound foundation rather than superficial trends.
  • 2.Constant challenge for new materials and new technologies
  • 3.Basic research that realizes substantive efficacy by developing nature-oriented materials
  • 4.Securement of safety and management of the degree of stability of each material and each process
  • 5.Strict, uncompromising quality management for each process (management based on ISO22716 and CGMP)
  • 6.Securement of the engine for constant growth through creative participation of all executives and employees
  • 7.Accompanied growth through trust and cooperation
  • 8.A company helping the local communities, society, the country and the world